Diane Wilkinson is a food lover and expert. She has been catering for over 14 years and serves a diversity of clientele. If Diane is not in her kitchen working on a new recipe, she is out in her 1/4 acre, all-organic garden planting and picking for your event. She resides in her lovely foothill home, while serving your needs throughout El Dorado County, Sacramento, San Francisco, Tahoe, and the greater Northern California.

Diane has taken off with expert advice and training from food professionals Jacques P├ępin and Paula Wolfert. Additionally, she has taken wine studies with Darrell Corti, Hall of Fame vintner, and David Berkley who started David Berkley’s Fine Foods. Since her formal training, she has expanded and grown, especially as an early proponent for green catering. A self proclaimed locovore, Diane despises waste and loves local and organic!